A Life After, Book 7


Their handbook for life was complete.  Not a cast-iron guarantee, but a good start for anyone looking for answers.  The rest was up to its readers to make their own life singular.  Jeff Diamond sealed the envelope on his manuscript, content that he had fully accounted for the life that had brought him to where he was today.


Lynn would be pleased with the way their autobiography had turned out, complete with a carefully selected set of photographs and proof-read from cover to cover by their gorgeous daughter.

It was now time to finish things off properly, and that began by acknowledging the mate who had stood by Jeff for almost thirty years.  Gerry Blake had been his squash partner, his manager, his drinking buddy and his best man through the whole incredible journey, in so many ways his alter-ego.  He was now getting married for the first time at forty-seven years old, no doubt spooked by what had happened to his old friend.

The thankful millionnaire and the ghost living inside his heart were determined to give Gerry and his new wife the very best send-off, before continuing on their own quest for reunion.  Would they find a way to be together again?  And how would the kids know to keep telling their singular story?

Book 4 in the series is twinned with "Le Roi se meurt (The King is Dead)" by Eugène Ionesco.

Available December 2017